[Miles Briefs] $100 Staples Gift Card for $85 (2,125 Ultimate Rewards Points w/ Ink)

staples gift card

PayPal Digital Gifts via ebay is selling $100 Staples gift cards for $85. Limit is 5. Pay with a Chase Ink card to earn 5x UR per dollar spent. The total for 5 gift cards is $85 x 5 = $425, and $425 x 5 UR/dollar = 2,125 Ultimate Rewards points. If you don’t have a Chase Ink, you can also use a different credit card to meet a minimum spend requirement or to just earn some miles and points.

Purchase via Splender for an additional 2% cash back. Use a search term like “staples gift 85 100” to find the gift cards once you go through them to visit ebay.

If you don’t need the gift cards…

Sell them to SaveYa. They are currently paying 85.51% for Staples gift cards, which would leave you with a small profit. Go through Simply Best Coupons before you sell to them for another 2% cash back.

Note: To sell more than $300 in gift cards per week to SaveYa, a bulk seller account is required. (I have one because I do a lot of gift card deals like this.) If you don’t want to sign up as a bulk seller, you can either buy three gifts cards instead of five, or sell three gift cards now and the other two gift cards next week. However, it is possible that the payout could change during that time.

Net profit for selling to SaveYa should be close to $20 in cash, $8.50 in ebay bucks, and 2125 Chase UR points (or your points from a different credit card).

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