[Miles Briefs] 10% Back in Ebay Bucks (Targeted)

ebay bucksEbay is currently offering 10% back in Ebay Bucks through March 30th, 11:59 PM PST; however, this is a targeted promotion. If you were targeted, the best way to use this offer is to buy discounted gift cards for resale. Check Gift Card Wiki to look up current payouts for selling gift cards. I personally purchased gas gift cards for resale using a credit card that I need to meet a minimum spending requirement on.

You can also improve this deal by using shopping portals. iConsumer is currently paying out 3% on Ebay purchases, up to $20 per month. And if you’ve reached your limit, Splender is your next best bet, at 2%.

Lastly, if you did not receive this promotion, you may want to check that you are signed up for Ebay promotional emails using this link. Gift card reselling is a good way to achieve some MS in today’s environment, so I recommend becoming familiar with this process for most people.

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