[Miles Briefs] $100 Southwest Gift Card for $80 & More (Samsung Pay)

samsung pay

Samsung Pay is having a Mother’s Day 20% off gift card promotion from 4/25/16 to 5/8/16. To purchase, open the app and click Add and then Buy Gift Cards under the Gift Cards tab.

The terms say no more than two gift cards per day up to $500 total, but I was able to purchase two $100 Southwest gift cards and one $50 Overstock.com gift card.

The best available options are:

$100 Southwest gift card for $80
$50 Overstock.com gift card for $40
$50 Whole Foods gift card for $40
$50 Gap gift card for $40

Both Southwest and Overstock.com are good targets for reselling. If you don’t need the gift cards, this is still a great way to help meet spending requirements.

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