Chase Adds New Restrictions to Sapphire Credit Card Applications

Via Doctor of Credit, Chase has added a pair of new restrictions to the Sapphire card lineup, which includes the Sapphire, the Sapphire Preferred, and the Sapphire Reserve credit cards.

  • You will no longer be approved for any Sapphire product if you currently hold another Sapphire product of any type.
  • You will no longer be eligible for the signup bonus on any Sapphire product if you have received a signup bonus on any Sapphire product within the past 24 months.

The 24-month rule is similar to their current rule, except it normally only applies for cards of the exact same type, i.e. if you received a signup bonus on the Sapphire Preferred, you were only prevented from getting the signup bonus on another Sapphire Preferred within 24 months of the date you received the bonus. Now with this updated rule, all Sapphire cards are being lumped together, such that receiving a signup bonus on one type of Sapphire card makes you ineligible for a bonus on any of the other Sapphire products as well, for a period of 24 months.

In short, if you are looking for a Sapphire card signup bonus, make sure you a) cancel or convert any existing cards you have and b) haven’t received a Sapphire card signup bonus in the past 24 months. If you satisfy both of those, you’re good to go. Obviously, the 5/24 rule still applies as well.

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