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Earning Miles

Which Credit Card Should I Get? – One of the most popular questions asked – here’s my take on it.

How To Meet Minimum Spend Requirements – Because maybe I’m not spending $5,000 in the next 3 months.

How To Manufacture Spend – Spending money without really spending money.

How To Earn 5x Points (Almost) Everywhere – Leveraging credit card bonus categories to earn 5x points just about anywhere.

How To Earn A Signup Bonus Multiple Times – What to do when you love a signup bonus so much, you have to have it again.

Using Miles

How To Determine Which Airline Search Engine To Use – Sometimes you need more than American’s or United’s searches to find the awards you want.

How To Save Miles By Knowing Your Geography – Some awards can be cheaper when airlines don’t agree what part of the world a country is in.

How To Keep Airline Miles From Expiring – Because you can’t spend miles you don’t have anymore.

Credit Cards

How To Use Airline Incidental Fee Credits – Maximizing the Amex Platinum or Premier Rewards Gold $200/$100 incidental fee annual credit.

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