How To Use Airline Incidental Fee Credits

amex platinum

The American Express Platinum and Premier Rewards Gold Cards offer a $200 or $100 airline incidental fee credit, respectively, every calendar year. It is intended to reimburse you for things such as baggage fees, ticket change fees, airport lounge passes, etc. But what if you aren’t spending any money on stuff like this? Can you still make use of the reimbursement? Yes!

Reminder: You must enroll and select your airline before making your reimbursable purchase.

Link to select your airline for the Platinum Card
Link to select your airline for the Premier Rewards Gold Card

Buy Airline Gift Cards

Although gift cards are specifically excluded by the terms and conditions, many people have had success buying gift cards and being reimbursed. Because things can change at any time, I recommend checking the Wiki and any recent posts in the following Flyertalk threads before proceeding:

Platinum Airline Fee Reimbursements – American Airlines

Platinum Airline Fee Reimbursements – Southwest Airlines

Platinum Airline Fee Reimbursements – United Airlines

Pay special attention to that last one if you’re using United – you can’t buy gift cards from them directly but rather have to create a gift registry that you contribute money to.

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