Free $20 GroundLink Credit for EVERY Visa Signature Card You Have (or $30 for Visa Infinite)

Last month, City National Bank updated the benefits of their Crystal Visa card to include a $30 credit to GroundLink. I decided to figure out how this all worked, and in doing so, I stumbled across these links:

GroundLink Visa Signature
GroundLink Visa Infinite

Once you enter your Visa Signature/Infinite card details into the corresponding link above, you then log into your GroundLink account, and the respective credit ($20 or $30 depending on card type) will be added to your balance. What I figured out but did not expect is that you can do this for every Visa Signature/Infinite card you have and load them all into the same account. I was able to do this 25 times before I ran out of credit cards and now have over $500 of GroundLink credit. All of my personal Visa Signature and Infinite cards worked (i.e. not business). All authorized user cards worked as long as they had unique card numbers. It did not matter that their cardholder names did not match the name on my GroundLink account.

GroundLink does have a referral program by which both the referrer and referee receive a $25 credit, so you will want to do this too.

GroundLink Referral Link

You can of course choose to use someone else’s referral if you don’t want to use mine.

The terms for these credits seem to indicate various restrictions such as not being to combine credits, having to use the specific credit card that the credit came from, etc., but as far as I can tell, none of this is actually enforced, and I have a single combined GroundLink credit in my account. I tried a test booking of over $100 on the website, and it allowed me to pay for my entire reservation with my credit balance.

For completeness’ sake, here is the full list of credit cards that I was able to confirm do work, but I’d be fairly surprised if anyone finds a personal Visa Signature/Infinite card that doesn’t:

  • Alliant Cashback
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards
  • Bank of America Travel Rewards
  • CapitalOne VentureOne Rewards
  • Chase Freedom
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Chase Hyatt
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier
  • Chase United MileagePlus Explorer
  • Citi Costco Anywhere
  • City National Crystal
  • Club Carlson Premier Rewards
  • Fidelity Rewards
  • Merrill+
  • Rewards
  • U.S. Bank Cash+

I tried three business cards that did not work: Chase Ink Cash, Chase Ink Plus, and Club Carlson Business Rewards.

15 thoughts on “Free $20 GroundLink Credit for EVERY Visa Signature Card You Have (or $30 for Visa Infinite)

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  3. Im having an issue where after I enter all the information and submit it just refreshes the page. It worked on a couple cards but now I have this issue. Did you experience it?

    • I did not have this issue, but it might have something to do with cookies. Any chance you tried using an incognito browser window?

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    • I don’t think they will expire, but that is a guess — I couldn’t find that written anywhere explicitly.
      These are one-time credits only that you can get once per card.

  5. Used your referral link for sharing this great info! Wish I would’ve known a couple years ago when I had a gazillion Visa Sigs and another Infinite! Up to $75 credit at least… good for 1 trip.

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  9. I’m very curious to see if they shut down your account too? It’d be nice to see an update post on this. Hundreds or thousands of accounts have disappeared out of thin air. Calling CS yields a canned message that accounting is working on these accounts, which are “blocked” and will be back within a couple of days. I asked if my credit will be there, and she said “yes”. I highly doubt it.

    • Yes, my account was shut down too. I did manage to get one ride booked successfully before that happened. I haven’t contacted them yet — thought I would wait a little longer first.

    • I called today and still got the same message about IT looking into the accounts. I doubt we’ll see anything soon, if ever, tbh. I’m not sure that that’s worth making a new post about at this time.

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